ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Mankind Is Coming From The Future

Genesis explains the nature formula for Man after it has been hijacked by ET.It is therefore coming from a species that has finished its evolution and is back-engineering the Human Race not from its starting point, but from its end point.The point at the end of Mankinds evolution.From the point of Knowledge.
Therefore man coming from its future.Not its present.
Genesis is over 5.000 years old.So man has been coming from the future for a very long time.

Time is not straight forward.There are different dimensions of Time.
If you ask the question (to Man), when did time stop for you you are inviting an investigation into distant history,and a diagnosis of Mind. But the diagnosis is already there.We are born with it.We have been delivered a cure in the future, but not in the present or the past.Therefroe it is evident that the human race has been written off.Any psychologist will be able to verify that.
There is no cure.If you were to follow the path of some sort of occupational therapy and regress back through the past trauma you would discover similar experiences to the Religious solutions.What would happen is that you would meet your Maker.Or so it would appear to us humans.What happens is that you return to another planet through inner space where the ET race who kidnap us, reside and discover the superbeing that controls us.But the human mind does not have the capability to process this sort of experience or information and would interpret it as an encounter with God.
it is not possible to regress to a time prior to this ET kidnap because ET is past, present and future.So we have lost our past.Therefore we have lost ourselves.therefore the human race is nutted off.
Any psychologist will tell you that!

Therefore an intelligent doctor could nut off anybody and that is exactly what is going on.Not forgetting,of course to nut himself off as well.This is very relavant for services, police and military because the inteligences use the same yardstick to authorize killings/excutions/terminations. In otherwords any body whatsoever who doesn't smoke the same cigarettes as them.They do need to be stopped.
So I have explained the Antichrist trick.

The psychology department know how to wire up a disorder and ,by programming it ,to perform a certain function.So it is easy to see what ET has done to the human race.ET has wired us up (by nature)sex and food forces , for its own program. A lot of people refer to this as God but it is not.
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