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Is Jesus and Extraterrestial?

It would appear that when Jesus talks about God The Father he is reffering to Extraterrestial.For instance he says the " none is good but God".This is referring to the mastery of Good and Evil by a species that has mastered its evolution.An ET.In contrast Humans do not have this ability, to master Good.(or Evil).Some people will not accept extraterrestial as being God or Creator of the Universe.It is not within the definition of what we mean by God.Nor son of God, when we are talking about a hybrid between an Alien and a Human, which is what Jesus probably was.
Therefore it should adjust the information to clarify what the Bible is talking about when it is talking about God.Other religions too, and this includes Budhism.Strictly speaking none of this is God.The other adjustment needs to be gods,insead of God, which should be clarified to mean ET,s.So as far as the religious texts and information goes they have delivered a product that does not exist.i.e God.The God that they are selling does not exist.On the information available to us we do not know for certain if there is a god , creator of the universe or not.
We cannot become as gods,as is stated in genesis.We have lost our own "E.T" identity which would be our own earth genetic evolution, to them.It has interfered with our evolution , which would be our chance to be our own "gods".We cannot step into the path of another species.
Earth genetics and ecosystem may be our God.We are not "Them", no more than we are an elephant or a dog.Likewise,a son of an elephant or dog.
If you follow the argument through, strictly speaking, Jesus is not the son of God.
If there has been a mistranslation throughout the whole of the religious texts, as is the case in genesis where the correct translation from the Hebrew to English is gods, not God,(the Hebrew word for god is written in the plural), and you alter the definition of gods to mean enlightened fully evolved species of ET ,then we alter what mean by God.Not the creator of the universe, just an evolved being.
That would be closely inline with what is said in Genesis,in the first place.

Our ecosystem (earth) could have been created by ET.Inteligent design.Where do you draw the line .Who created the "universe ecosystem"?The first ET.?Is there an original creator of the first life form.?An original Inteligence?We don't know.
You could look in the scriptures of other world religions, such as Hindu and Vedic , but they all work around roughly the same idea, which suggests intelligent design again by ET.Although it is said that the scriptures are man made, but is is already established thnat ET is pulling our strings,thus using us to deliver such things.

When you consider that a being, species, that had evolved fully would be not only a Master of Space and Time but have at its disposal the fundemental forces of the Universe .He would be a master of the material world, if not the material universe.So therefore to encounter this sort of superpower super being in action would convince anybody that They had encountered God.A Master of the material universe and space and time.
Therefore this would be what religions in the world would be referring to.
A fully evolved being,within his species, and ecosystem.
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