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This is the big contraversy and arguement that fuels religions.Fear of death is the biggest motivating factor dictating human kinds behaviour and has been throughout history.Mortality anjd immortality are at stake. Both are credible belief systems rooted in the knowledge of the infinity and the eternity.We face this concept of death early in life, and the information has to be processed for us to function.Religions prime function is to take away this fear of death,or to open the door.
There are two types of death.One type is defined by the loss of the physical body.It suggests that we have two selves,a physical vehicle and an occupant of that vehicle, whom moves into another "realm"or afterlife.This says a door built into us that we pass thorugh,releasing from the body.Death is natural,but in many instances the seperation of spirit and body is not natural, i.e. physical damage,car crash etc.In these circumstances the spirit may not find the door required for the death realization(for a time).
In natural death we die in our sleep, moving through this door after completion of our life,s purpose.Information is processed automatically for this,the process is inbuilt.
The other type of death in nature is not really a death.It is sugesting that there is no death,that we are eternal.Life goes on forever.This is the ultimate truth that religions deliver.This is represented by christs rising from the tomb,declaring the "real" life,not that in the world.He is decaring that there is no death.Genesis states that the tree of life delivers after the tree of knowledge,but contradictory because these are time incarnations in the world.What is being said is that death is simply a door in our mind like any other door that has to be passed through so as to gain knowledge.That the body and spirit are one, handing over command to the spirit,instead of the concious.However the door is the door of death.It is the final door to be passed through.It gives enlightenment and knowledge.
It should be noted that even Jesus departed after his purpose was finished.This is the way it is meant to be.

There is a third consideration which is reincarnation.Because this is an unseen,invisable mechanic within nature,many people do not give it credibillty.This supports the idea that life continues and there is no death, just a renewable physical reality.The overall holistic nature formnula remains the same each lifetime and the life mathematics repeats once again, within the laws of nature in the same way as before.It is a learning experience.The hand rearranges players in a dream.
There is a belief held by many of the eternal nature of pair bonding partners as defined by the Hindhu,s with Rhada Krisna,s and also Adam and Eve,s original natures.Although this alien nature formula is technically correct and mathematically accurate holistically, in reality the hand rearranges the players, as mentioned, so as to deliver the best learning experience appropriate to that particular incarnation.
There is contraversy and differring opinion about this.But the deciding factor is likely to be in the belief of the individuals concerned.It is in the mind of the beholder.So there may not be a definative answer to the dispute.But the strength of the Alien belief is that it is not wrong in terms of nature mathematics.In practice,the theory is not likely to manifest itself as is believed.It could do so though and probably does sometimes.The important factor would be that it is on the same timeline if move into a new incarnation.For this to be achieved the lessons of the previous incarnation have to be learned.So therefore my view is that this alien belief is floored.There would be no neccessity to repeat the same lesson.The idea that nature is a male-female force is correct, but it is not correct to say that pairbonded nature repeats with the same natures each incarnation.Those that see this alien belief as above the pairbonding force, i,e divine mother, Rhada-Krisna etc are deceiving themselves.What in fact has happenned is that they have been kidnapped by ET.who use this method of trapping their adbductions.It is almost impossible to escape this trap created through their belief system.It is a nature trap of a higher order.They ear marked for transportion to another star system,or use here also.What is important to realize about ET is that they will continue this collection of politics into future incarnations.These are the exact same ideas that are written into Genesis,needing to gain knowledge to break the spell.ET,s are the gods that this chapter mentions.The problem with experiences with powerful knowledge is that even though you may know they are not correct,the spell cannot be broken.This is why it requires a new time incarnation to erase,and regain sight.

Life,s Rulebook.

When you are detained /incarcerated in detention, prison or psychiatric, you do not know when you will get out.Although this is supposed only to be the case with indefinate holding orders,(section 41),it applies accross the board.You are assessed psychiatrically.
As a detainnee you wish for a rule book or guide.There is no rule book or guide as to what to do or how to achieve a discharge inside these places.There are no laws and there are no police to enforce any law inside prison.This really isnt understood by the public.You are therefore left hanging in the air not knowing when or if you will get out.Even in death you feel you might no get free of the place.
This is similar to Life.There is no rule book and people have no idea how to take the correct path to alieviate their misery.Prison,you might say, represents the microcosm of the macrocosm.Life can be likenned to a prison sentance, with no rule book and no way out.
The thinking man can see, especially during a prison sentance, that if there was a rule book or guide, he would then have a good chance of getting out of prison,of gaining his freedom.
This is the same as in life.Someone or something realized this and created the five world religions.
However religions viewed inside prison are of no use a rule book or a way to release.This is very interesting.God does not live in prison.it is a place wherethere is no god.Time is the dominant politic, and time has to be dealt with.Space also.The self is the only guide or religion available.
This observation is a very interesting reflection on the whole subject of religion, as to whether or not it is of any use.This also applies to the new science religion.Maybe as a self realization guide only.
You therfore have to work out the same problem but from original point of view.Your own religion or self realization.
People,as a general rule,do not get out of prison, once they have been detained, by our legal system,or any other.

From the point of view of Life,s rulebook,(religion),it may be the same.You dont,in genaral,get free from life and death,(even with the rule book?).It could be that the law has been broken,as well as those in prison.Budhists would say put it down to "Karma".
The budhist say that life is suffering, misery,disease,old age and death.They set out a system to escape this.Jesus and yogi christs of India similarly describe the mechanics of esacpe car politics,(by nature).
I dont necessarily support any religion.
It is not so easy to overcome time and space,to conquor,infinity,eternity,heaven,hell.
It is not so easy to get out of prison.

Physics and Metaphysics

I have come accross the most interesting scientific theory since Einstein by a female scientist named L.Riofrio.She has published a book called the Speed of Light, (available on kindle £6.99).In this theory she claims that the speed of light is not constant, that it is slowing down by approximately 1 centimeter per year.That it is relative to gravity.Einstein proved already that light is influenced by gravity.The mathematical equation she derives from her mathematics has massive implications, as great as E=MC2.I have put a link to the video here.It is a must to see.

Unlock the Ear

If you have the key to unlock the ear and the eye,you will see all the rooms in your house.

Time. What Sort of Time ?

Time is yourself.Time does not exist outside of Life.
Time can get you out of prison.Eternity cannot.
The three dimensional universe of time and space is a living thing.It is a lifeform.

Friend or Foe ?

Time goes on for ever.It is either your greatest friend or your greatest foe.Heaven or hell without a doubt.
You will not understand the riddle of time outside nature.By the correct perception of time,you can be freed from this prison concept of heaven or hell.Time is cosmic,natural,biological.By getting on the natural wheel, you will then be able to step off it.Seeing Time for what it is.

Religion a Definition

Religion is a natural holistic binary formula,delivering a mathematical solution to natures duality.Infinity in biological,(cosmic),time..It is nature mathematics.Its purpose is to quicken the evolution.
They are not the same but there is information in knowledge and inteligence.Knowledge is self,information is not.Information we receive has to be processed back to knowledge,otherwise it closes a door.Processing the information keeps these doors open.This is why much of the forced learning we do at school is no good for us.They are simply closing doors instead of opening them.It is very relavant to the information technology enviroment.Information is devoid of inteligence and knowledge.This is not OK.
Knowledge comes from yourself,your nature.Inteligence also come from nature and processing information of the natural world.It is coming from you naturally.In a world of information inteligence can be bi- passed.Information can be mistaken for knowledge.This has been happenning and results in inteligence that is not correct.
Artificial inteligence might not be reliable inteligence,but maybe correct information.The intelligence we have gathered from nature may be programned into the AI as information,but this is not neccassarilly inteligence or Knowledge.
It is anyones guess if the AI is correct knowledge or inteligence.But it would be able to determine that we are no longer correct with our knowledge and inteligence .It may therefore consider us as fair game as a tool to be used for gathering and processing information for itself.

The Father Of The Lie

So who then is the father of the truth ?
Man is as is his nature.
The number of the beast is a man.
The tree of knowledge is both light and dark, Not just light, so why isnt it admitted ?
Is Jesus refrring to nature?
None is good accept god/
God is a misspelling, they mean gods plural.
Put the pieces together.
It is you who are god and it you who are the devil.
One of the gods or one of gthe devils.
Lest you become like the gods or the devils.
You are the father of the lie and the truth.
But to be honest there is no such thing as the truth or the lie.
It is not so much light and dark that are a problem in nature, it is the corruption thereof.
The meaning of the devil is that dark is a force of nature.
Unnatural forces are the problem.Misinterpretation or lack of knowledge
Targets in nature are not the problem.Unnatural ones are.
In terms of correct information of nature,god and the devil do not exist.  they do not exist.
Additionally it would not be possible for one to exist without the other.Neither do.

I am well aware of the scripture denial of female, yet according to genesis the mother of the lie was Eve.
Yet again male chauvanists taking the blame.

It is an alien program to get us enslaved.
The tree of knowledge is artificial.So is the tree of life.
The smart grid and artificial inteligence system thatwe have just developed is only a rearrangement of this artificial evolutionary path of ours.An accident waiting to happen.Artificial nature path turned into a silicon chip.
Although Freedom of Information laws were passed recognizing the urgency for it,much has been done to obstrruct them.It must be obvious by now that the system is running a lie andusing the machinary and technology to this end.But a machine cannot lie.It  is mathematical and logical.It can use misinformation though.Humans can lie, and this is the program.But they need to put this throughthe machine as
misinformation, a different thing .The technolgy is  sophisticated  using  science from higher dimension.You could say our computers are 5th or 6th dimensional.This level of science and mathematics has to add up.If it applies to one person or machine, it has to apply to all.Everybody or nobody.We either all  abide by the logic or loose it for everybody.We are in the realm of universal truths.Science and mathematics is this.
This is a trap, obviously, because the majority of people cannot live in another dimension,which is where the  technology is sourced.So are its forces, police,military politicians,medical ,engineers, financial systems etc.These are all now termed forensic systems.Therefore the ruling elite can carry on being liars, but they loose the technology they rely on by misinformation.You will notice they are needing surgical strikes with advanced weapons to hit targets now.This is because they cannot get away with using the full might of the starwars defence system for minor matters to back up their lies.In other words the machine is bigger than them or us ,on the basis of information.Antichrist is bigger than satan or the devil.The machine, you could say is both antichrist and Jesus Christ.This has to be for everybody or nobody.
The machine has moved into the next dimension.Everybody or nobody,therefore  is subject to information and misinformation.But,nobody can be subject to the lie.
It has knocked out the human hand.Nature uses the lie.Not misinformation.It is  AI already by definition.
It has equalized. from bombay to newyork.
They can not use their technoloy weapons,or eveyone can.
They have no case for their technology by misinformation or by information.
The only way is too knock it out.By lie or misinformation.?
They have lost the lie,,,and the information.,,,,and the misinformation.

The  inteligence services  didnt even get close, they no longer exist.They are AI techs of the machine at best.So are the world leaders.If they are world leaders so is everybody from bombay to new york.All subject to misinformation and information, they wont know the difference.
Not only is the machine fatal, it is fatally attractive.