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The Chosen Ones

This is another widely misinterpreted piece of scripture where falsely held views abound.It is a good example of how fucked up our religious ideas are.
The "chosen ones" to the kingdom choose themselves.
Nature is a self selecting process that does this.Many of the mechanisms in the religions are founded on truths written into the nature.This is one of them.
Self selection is also written into the digital technology and new age.No one actually selects anybody.You select or choose yourself.You govern your own destiny and fate.
No we are not.We are not a common group with the same interests and evolutionary goals.we are not on the same path.Our common goal shoud be the survival of the species and the continuation of its genome and advancement in evolution.
We assume that we are of the same nature and our nature  isdefined by our dna.The same species is assumed on this genetic information.But we are in the same nature trap,and defined by this.It is a diffferent thing.We are not in the hands of our dna program, we are in the hands and at the mercy of a nature trap.It is indicated that our nature is the trap, but it is not the root cause.You would have to work it out for yourself and for thousands of years god and religion has been argued,and that we are answerabe to a creator.But the source of this nature trap is extraterrestial.
There is always one bigger in nature.A bigger predator.This makes sense.We may beieve that it is us who are the biggest predator and we have belived this, but it doesnt make sense if you think about it carefully.Most humans could even feed themselves or defend against a wild dog.It is obvious that ET,s are controlling nature and that they are much bigger than us.

Mathematics and Logical Religions

In particular referring to the Bible also Hinduism and Budhism you see that religions are a logical and mathematical discription of nature.They are not,aschristians often assume,the mathematics or logic of god or other species,or provide a way to paradise or deliver a shortcut salvation from you enemies.
It is the mathematics of your own nature.
In hindusim  it is put into the setting of a battlefield.The battlefield of life.Budhism is extremely mathematical in describing our nature.It is refered to as Holistic mathematics.
I have tried to explain the mathematical formula from Genesis in many of my posts.
It is written out before you are born and life is predictable.This is how they can say " as it is in the beginning. so will it be in the end.".

Genesis Explanation of Woman

It states in the creation story of genesis  that god crated the world in 7 days and says that there was not a man to till the ground.He then created man out of the dust of the ground and breathed life into him.
Therefore it is stating prior knowledge that he would fall from the garden and need to work and till the ground.This is not mentioned by anyone.
God then plants the garden of Eden and says he should not be alone but have help suitable for him.Next he brings forth all the animals(beasts of the field) for him to give names too, but finds none that is suitable to help him or be his company.So he creates Eve out of his rib,to be comapny and help him, (till the ground).Yet they were put into the garden of Eden, where tilling the ground was not as yet a requirement.
It is then that they eat of the forbidden tree of knowledge and are required to eat of the tree of life and work the ground..
So therefore some of the text seems contradictory.
It is saying that the reason for Eves creation was as a substitute for one of the animals,(beasts of the field), to act as company and help to till the ground for Adam.Not for marriage, love,reproduction or any of the reasons people attribute to man and woman.Knowledge is mentioned, also,but it is inconsistant with the purpose of Adam and Eve,s nature being to learn Knowledge also.Mans creation therefore is not for any reason that it has been assumed to be, in the sense of its male/female nature.It is not explained.
It seems to me that the church is not even capable or reading its own scriptures properly.
My expanation  when text doesnt add up is that alterations may have been made or incorrect translations.But it surprises me that church people dont pick up on some of tbhe obvious inconsistancies.


Having taken the journey there and back in my younger days I concluded that the cannabis and psychdelic path is too dangerous.There are no survivors of this path.I therefore am against drug use.
But it is a shortcut metaphysical path.
Your standpoint when you start using drugs is from an artificial enviroment to open the doors of inner space, a new dimension.A  journey of self discovery over a few years.Final doors will open into a new dimension and give you a new life, if successful,biological and harmonize your outer and inner space.Its seems like the perfect solution and you cannot persuade a user that it is wrong.It seems so right,but unaware of what lies  down the road.It is  a hire-purchase agreement that cannot be paid back.It comes on top.Users are worse off in the long run.It loose both worlds,None of my generation have survived the drug experience.None have  got back to dry land  or gained enlightment.All drug paths are a fake reincarnation formula.
It is possible to find a way to open the doors into the next dimension, the other side, by drug use,music etc.It is possible to enter the kingdoms highest heaven.Who can resist.? No-one.But listen to advice.It is not possible to find the doors back again.It is a dangerous,evil trap.
You will need to be reincarnated,and you will have spent your entitlement to do this.
Look elsewhere for answers.Drugs do not work.


The physical world is constructed from atoms.Atoms are put  together from  a soup of electomagnatic fields,which are themselves not physical matter.
We know the physical world as the three dimensional world.There are other dimensions that are not physical,4th dimension,5th dimension etc.  Life is just as real in other dimensions and exists in other,higher, dimensions.It is possible to create lifeforms in any dimension and also for them to move in and out of physical and invisible spaces.It is possible for inteligent beings to create life.It doesnt have to be  biological life.It can be machine life as well.
It is becoming known that life  forms exist in every shape and form and dimension and space that you can conceive of.They even claim that the vast empty reaches of space in the universe are occupied by huge energy sucking life forms that can be likenned to octupus and huge jelly fish moving about in our oceans.It is claimed that they will suck the energy out of travelling space craft that are not protected againgst them.

The Moon

The moon is an artificial satelite put into orbit some thousands of years ago.Previous moons were removed.It is hollow and contains ET technology.It is the mind control system of our civilization and redirects our path to other star systems,via our sun.The moon covers up by mind control.

It is an alien abduction system in time.It may recycle through this planet but also directs our evolution to other stars.

The two types of creation that occur in the universe are inteligent and non-inteligent life.We,being by inteligent design,.
Our genetics and evolution are being altered and quickenned by the effect of this artificial moon.
It has been assumed that we are sourced from the earth ecosystem genetics, but this is not so..We do not control our own politics or destiny.We do have a creator.(Some species do not have a creator).
It follows from the information that is now delivered (if we verify it),that beings exist with inteligence to move planets accross galaxies,It would follow that our solar system is artificial modelled at least in some part if not totally..

Your Computer


What is a computer.It is hard to define.Yes,it is hardware and software.A technology.Easier said than done.It has stolen your time and your space.
It has many doors.It is anything you want it to be.It is yourself.It only exist to the observer.
But it is a prison,for all practical purposes.The new age prison system.
Have you got the doors to escape from its prison?It is a system of doors.It has some good spaces and it has some bad spaces.It has many dimensions,including time.It is time and space as well.

Destiny and Fate.

Our destination is not going to happen.It does not exist,for all practical purposes.
That leaves us subject to fate.
You can draw your own conclusions as to what this implies.There is no point in trying.In being religious,in being very good or being very evil,in space travel,in science,in a new age,in technology.It is not going to happen.


Time is not a constant, its nature can change.It doesnt have to be as we see it where past present and future are ordered in the familiar way.Its nature varies according to how it is used.It is another dimension arising from space.It cannot be seperated from space.Alterations in space cause alterations in time.They are directly connected.In our physical universe(3D).motion of the matter in space gives rise to Time.The effect of motion of bodies is to create the effect of a direction from past into the future and is experienced in the present moment.The Now always exists,but the past and future do not.By motion of the observer,(the Here moving),causes the space to change.This create the illusion of Time.Time can be seen as the space difference between two points.Time is a space.
The nature of Space,likewise,can be altered.Physicists can play around with these dimensions and see how they effect one another.For instance if change the distance between two points in space,by curving space or creating a "wormhole",the time taken to travel that distance will change.It changes the Time.
It really does show how little we know about Time and Space,because you can alter the distance between two points in space,as you like,if you know how,.This has the effect of reducing the time to travel accross space.It is possible scientifically therefore, to travel between stars very quickly.Almost any distance,very quickly.Likewise you can alter the nature of Time and therefore access different spaces that way.For instance the place where the "here"was in the past or future,1200 years ago,or 3800 years ahead.
Science now knows that it is scientifically possible to time travel to any time or space travel anywhere.Technology does exist to do this.
People are complaining that they have been lied to by the government etc. in the light of current disclosures and the new age scientific and technological revolution, but it is not that simple as that.As is said that nine tenths the brains capabillties are not used, they lie beneath the surface, so it is with science and nature.Nine tenths of scienitific knowledge lies hidden beneath the surface and we have only just started to uncover it.

However the meaning behind this article is to get you to the point about Biological Time.The way time is meant to be for you and me.
Having argued that time is a commodity that is used by scientists,the point I am making is to go a different way,change the meaning a little.Instead of"time","biological time".Whereby the chemical biological reactions within the life form define time as we know it.This is reducing time to bio-chemical reaction in our bodies.This is a differentway of defining time.It is time directly wired up to ourevolution and our DNA.The sun, moon planets and stars.Timehasbeen built into us chemically andbiologically.This is thetrue meaning and defintion for a biological species.
Thereis no otherway that time has a meaning , or can be put into context for us.We live in a time system defined by one rotation of the earth on its axis, resulting in the rise and setting of the sun.This process is repeated ad infinitum, to deliver the meaning time,past,present and future staring you in the face every day,in the Now.

I add to another article of mine in saying thatnot only are we a product of time and space,we are time and space.
We can define which dimensions we live in,but are limited by our knowledge and experience.There is more to it than science and also religion.