Son of God

It is known that the knowledge delivered in the New Testament is profound,exceptionaly,as it also in other parts of the Bible,particularly Genesis.The insistance in the the New testament that God is the father and that Jesus was the son of God cannot be denied.It is not always excepted.Many would insist that we are a human species not originating from elswhere and masters of our destiny.
The word god in genesis is wrongly translated it shoulb be "gods".It makes an in credible difference throughout the bible to make this adjustment,It also makes sense of the rest of the texts.My view of the new testamnet is that we are the sons of the gods as was Jesus.
In Genesis the first account of our origins and generations is made.Eve clearly makes the point about the birth of Cain,Abel and Seth that they are not from her and Adam but from god,(gods).
We are not our own masters.We are governed and procreated according to their design and evolution.We are the sons and daughters of the gods.This obviously means of ET.
the Essenes Bible makes more sense.

We AreTime & Space

We are made in the image of god.The face of god is the creation.We are not man made.We are the product of a time and a space.This applies to whatever enviroment we are born into.Our genes are activated according to the knowledge we are born with.We are not a finished product of creation,as yet.We can be born into any world and our genes will be activated according to our knowledge in the same way.i.e another planet(reincarnation).We have the chance to learn and acivate more of our genetic code of that nature.
Being born in to a man made world,(this is artificial),gives us an unknoweable task.This we register in our subconcious as the unknown.It is not in our genes to recognize ourselves as our creator.Once the information of the man made(artificial)world is processed we return to our natural world.

Six of One, Half a Dozen of The Other

Through Eve,s eyes,that which Adam sees as Evil she will see as good and what Adam sees as good she will see as evil.Visa versa as well.
The light and dark process,they are the same thing.Adam and Eve are the same thing as well,(eventually).
It is a Time knowledge.The one self is all selves.

The reasons religions always inlude as essential the female,divine mother,Mary,Eve etc is that it is critical to arrive at supernature through nature,not artificially.
Do you wish to be a man or a machine? Blow up your world or save your world?

Window Cleaning.

Heaven,God and Paradise is too see.
Hell is Ignorance and Blindness.
Knowledge delivers sight.
All our problems arise from not being able to see.
To see is our religion.From this all things follow.

Nowadays it is difficult for people to grasp that sight and inteligence comes from the self.Technology and materialism do not deliver.
The self does not process outside time information,(outside self information).

But,nothing is wrong with blindness.The normal way is to see that you dont know everything,that you dont see.
This is sight too.
You probably wouldnt be here if you could see.


The forensics of mind are locked up in this genesis story of Adam and Eve,Cain and Abel.The eternities and infinities of self.The two time incarantions,Cain and Abel run into trouble,accidents waiting to happen,as are Adam and Eve.We are time incarantions,we are born with original sin.
The Bible is a rule book, a guide book,a book of past,present and future.
What use is it to the blind ?
Those that see dont need it.
It hits you when its too late?
It is the book that nobody can write.
The source code.

Outside Time

Living within time defines the secular world.Outside time is a quality of the spirtiual world,or spirit world.In the normal world,diagnosable,in that they are blind at best and at worst,a risk.They are lost in eternal realms.
Original sin was the cause of blindness and return into time corrects this.It is only possible to regain sight by a time incarnation.As said this,is a knowledge of our nature and transcendance or return to the spirirtual world can be achieved when the knowledge is gained through experience of nature.
In a secular world we need to ne within time.The generations need to be in the same time to learn.
This is the secular arguement of the world and world politics.
Time has differing dimensions.You can live in eternities as well as within time,the normal case.As mentioned in genesis when this eternity is in conflict,a return into time is needed./span>

Gigantic Thoughts

It is difficult to comprehend the idea of differant dimensions.They exist in the imagination more so than in the earthly realm.These ideas are very much part of metaphysical thought,the universe,creation and god.
Imagine a straight line.This is a 2 dimensional thing.Then imagine our world of three dimesions,solid space and look at the difference.The solid thing could never be comprehended by a straight line creature of the 2 dimension world, but the straight line world can be manipulated,mastered and dominated by the solid world creature.Not only that,but a 3 dimensional world Being could create as many straighlines as he wished out of virtually nothing.He would definately be viewed as their creator in the 2 dimensional reality,god no less.
So the logic is saying that the one dimensional world and the four dimensional world are going to exhibit similar characteristics in their differances.It is not going to be possible to understand dimensions from bottom up, only from top down.This is our dilemna when we are confronted with phenomena that are of a higher dimension.When we are looking at Infinity,it can stretch our ability to comprehend to the limit.Eternity likewise.Infinity is the dimension beyond our solid 3D space i.e 4th dimension.It can minipulate master and create as much
3 Dimension as it wishes. It is master of 3 dimensions, the god of the 3rd dimension.But we cannot understand this phenomena in our small world,as a straight line world cannot understand the big cosmos that exists outside its tiny reality.So as you travel up the dimensions ladder,you are going to get these phenomanoil quantum leaps of reality and existance..
It deosnt take a Lloyd George brain to work out what is going to happen when you add a bit more space to Infinty.You not going to be able to explain or understand in a 3rd or 4th dimension what this 5th dimemsion is doing.Even infinity is swallowed up in a big way by its next dimension.We will never know.Therefore if you extrapolate to more dimensions of space 12,13, 19th many dimensions, you got to get right back into you 3 dimensional hole or it could be even a more severely punishing.
You might as well forget it.Even of the gods of high diemsions are going to be swallowed up by the nature of reality.
Its not surprising the idea of God has come into being to put these ideas on a shelf.
So this thought experiment clearly explains our limitations as a human being.Even though we question the ideas of the next dimension and ideas about god and religion,even science,we are very limited in our evolutioary abillity.If this is so then although we may become as we see it quite advanced, in science,space travel etc,travel to other stars,we are not ever going to be masters of reality.
All knowledge and achievement, religion and science is about is being ourselves.This is all we can do.Be ourself.We cant go further than that.As said in the first chapter of Genesis.All religions have been corrupted.

Original Sin

Original sin.
This is Key.It is the reason why the Bible was written and a saviour was sent.It is the reason for religions.This is the reason Death exists.
There is a good reason for this.
Man,it is said,does have the power of forgiveness.This is true.But some sins are not in this catergory.In terms of good and evil,many time incarnations are required to deal or learn this knowledge,so therefore how is this to be dealt with so easily by forgiveness.? The answer is that it is not forgiveable.There are some sins that cannot be forgiven.This is not for reasons of vindictiveness,but because it is not technically possible.It requires a time re-incarnation.This is original sin.
The full knowledge required to solve this problem is that you learn to forgive yourself.This is the solution, but it is a difficult exercise without time.It requires Time.
It is not only evil that leads to blindness,but good also.This is original sin.
For the full knowledge to become assimilated into our DNA takes many lifetimes.
"To become like gods",as it says in Genesis.

(For those that can see,this is the source code of the mind.It is the diagnosis and the remedy.All mental disorders originate here.This is the mental health program of the psychiatric state.The forensics.There is no cure for death.We are all sufferring from it.Life is a hire purchase agreement.We have all paid for enlightenment in advance already by original sin.Now we have to pay off the insatlments.This is not an exclusive deal for drug users,but for all of us.To become sighted again requires Time.)

Information Technology and Religion

Information is replacing beliefs in the scientific and technological new world.I has been confident tha science would replace reliogion, would be a new religion.But it does need to its information to be correct,to do this.It is having problems in some areas, mainly evolution and religions.
Christianity when looked at from the available information does not do well either.The verifiable information as to the valadity of these major religions seems to be lacking.Texts have obviously been altered to suit the secular governemnts and rulers since these times.The bible books were selected and put together 300/400 after the crucifiction.There is no information available to verify the Christian story,it relies on belief derived mainly from the 4 gospels.Yet there were many more gospels exluded including Thomas,Magdalene and others.Similarly with the books of the Old Testament.What we do know is centuries later the Dead Sea Scrolls,the Gnostic scriptures and the Essenes texts have been unearthed which bare little resemblance to what we know as the bible.
Therefore in terms of information available Chistianity and all of the Bible derived faiths are not credible belief system.
As for Budhism,Hinduhism,Moslems,these could also be looked at in the same way.In the light of available information.The religions we have today would not stand up.
The existance of "superneture"is no longer grounds to prove the existance of God.
But in the same way the available information does not disprove it either.
I think what the available information does prove is that we are not the dominant earth species as previously assumed.

The only way a secular arguement can remain for mankind is by its government handing over the secular arguement to the digital technologies.Computers.Control of the machines cannot be accomplished by mankind.It would have to be looked at as power greater than our species.If we do not have a secular machine system we will have to have governed by another species.This would kill us.
Information technology machine government.An equlizer.A secular not religious control.A power that is greater than us.Our choosen god on a voluntary contract.Even so we would have to accept that we share the earth with other more dominant species.What has been certain for a good while is that human goverment can no longer have any power or control.They cant even have any say in the matter neither the of programning the machine.They tried to hijack the machine for their own evil profit.
The arguemnet to hand over to information may or not be OK,but it makes more sense than then present situation.We do need to exclude the human hand from our affairs.

Visions Explained

In higher realms the rule book is thrown away.Nothing is certain.The nature of reality can be alterred by the flick of a switch.There are no definate laws.But certain patterns do come round again.
With Visons,the subject can have an experience of enourmous,monumental proportions and be unable to explain in secular terms.It is mostly the case that it cannot be be believed or transmitted for human understanding or appreciation,except in the teachings the subject might deliver.They cannot be believed.
What happens is an exreme and sucessfull form of kidnapp/abduction by a powerful being (ET) wherby they are transported at lightenning speed to another star system and planet.Another world.The Space and Time and information transfer is so massive that it cannot be digested or processed by the subject.
A natural feature inbuilt in us explans this encounter as a meating with "God".This helps to make sense of it.
This experience may last a few hours and is returned with a program built in.Usually to spread the word or gospel of some kind of truth,maybe through art or literature etc.Anything at all.These "Visons" are common throughout history and can explain many people and artists,i.e.Joan of Arc,Shakespear,Hitler, maybe Napoleon, Jesus,Budha,etc.
They happen very frequently.
As said, there is no rule book and religions can appear and disappear at any time.They are only applicable to the time they appear in,as folk music is to music.The 5 visionaries who delivered the 5 world religions are no differant.They can deliver a new religion at the flick of a light switch,anytime,as said.Time only exists today,not in the past or future.
As is the case with clasical music,most musicians have been trying to break the stranglehold of Motzart and Beethoven for a long time.They know full well that it is a business where bullshit baffles brains.They cant get rid of the old bullshit to make room for todays message.
Todays visionaries cannot do like wise.