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space theory-hypotheseis

An article of interest has been written on the page below.


Origin of Religion.Reasons.

It seems that religions were created as rulebooks and guide books.It must be that at some point in our past this became necessary.Originally it may have not been the case.My view is that it became necessary to implement a civilization.Living together in societies and communities after the introduction of farming.
It is similar today, where the key point is still the law ,in our current attempt at a civilization.Originally there was no law.It was a concept that did not exist and there was no religion.There was a balance of nature written into the ecology.
If you look at the bible it seems to be introducing a system that goes against the grain.Starting off with outlining the difficulty of living against a law, i.e. original sin of Adam and Eve and the killing of Abel by Cain.It seems straight away that unrighteousness increased and the gods deemed fit to destroy man in a flood.So it is evident that a law was not being adhered too, and the civilizing of society was not working.It is only a litle later in the book that Moses delivers the long awaited Ten Laws of the commandments.
The source code is laid out in that life was to be an exercise in good and evil.The rest after this is an attempt at management of what doesn't seem to be manageable.Even today.
It could be said that its saviour and messiah,Jesus, was sent to outline a method of escape from what appears to be a written off human species,and a failed social experiment.

Evolution Is key To Science NWO.

New world order has invested heavily in science as the new religion.The Truth.Some say prematurely, not having yet accomplished all its answers.But the argument raging still between intelligent design or evolution is not yet solved.Steven Meyer is the new voice that claims to have proved that evolution is not possible.However he doesn't explain the,not however being able to identify the source of this intelligence.
The permutations combinations theory is on a sticky wicket in light of the new arguments.They have delivered calculations to " prove" that the time would not be available for this natural selection mechanism.They also show that the very assumption,s that give rise to the idea of evolution and natural selection, are shown to support his new ideas of intelligent design.this seems to be true.Definately,Darwin,s theory is seriously flawed in many areas, yet the other arguments being delivered are no where near authoritative,in my view, as t the nature of reality.It really is presumptious to assume we have a good track record when it comes to answering the big questions of science and reality.With our mind and existance locked inside a 3-dimensional box that we have insisted has to be taken as the ultimate nature of reality,it is hardly surprising we cannot answer these questions such as who is the creator.For a start this question is nonesensecal when only three dimensions of space are considered and one of time.How can you confine the nature of reality to three or four dimension, and then still expect to explain realities creator? You have to look at these questions afresh,think outside the box.

For instance we argue that we evolve through nature to master higher dimensions,and leave this world behind.To overcome the material dimension.If this is true that there are dimensions that are superior to our material and physical dimension, then by definition, these higher dimensions are going to have the ability to create matter in a reversal of this evolutionary mechanism.To recreate a lower dimensional reality.If you take this logic further and assume nature consists of many more and higher dimensions, then it follows that creating a 3-D universe and even life would be possible.So yes, it might be impossible to create the whole damn thing from our 3-D material world,but it might be very easy for"the whole damn thing" to create our 3-Dimensional universe of matter.Life,s organic chemistry,also.It is a bit arrogant to assume that we are running the show as to what is truth and what is not.
So back to the inteligent design or evolution arguement, If the current opinion is that life is a result of inteigent design, why is this a surprise?It is hard for us to except that Inteligence may be built into the mechanism of reality and its dimensions.That it is not actually sourced in a "mind".Or that inteligent life has evolved or exists in non physical dimensions.Why should physical dimensions only have a monopoly on inteligence,mind and creation.Life also.

Back to the arguement that is brewing over Steven Meyer,s book, to disprove evolution,(it is a powerful logic),NWO will not be prepared to concede to this arguement against science and evolution,
But it will have to get prepared to an alternative explanation.
My view is that nature has inteligence built into it.It created itself.But not necessarily from the material reality.
You cannot avoid the critical arguement that has now surfaced, that life has been designed and created by an Inteligence.It is about time this has been recognized.But the source of this inteligence is not a creagtor or God,that we have hitherto assumed. It is nature itself.The answer to this big question is as it says on the tin, when you look and wonder at creation.Nature is God.
The entire physical,material universe,time itelf and all other dimensions,life and us.
The nature of reality.

Are We Ready For The Next Dimension?

We have undoubtedly been hit by knowledge of the next dimension.It is now main stream in our everyday science and technology.It is devastated the world world and system and its concepts and beliefs.Collective consciousness has been removed and put in a Time tunnel.It will re-emerge once the new information has been processed.The resultant shift into a fifth dimensional world with five and six and seven dimensional technologies instead of a three and four dimensional smart grid that the old world was built on.It has been written off and summed up by a formula.

Not only the physical sciences are shifted dimensionally but also the biological and organic sciences will shift into higher dimensions.As a being we will have to keep up with this dimensional shift, biologically.

One Hand Clapping

Bob Dylan. "You don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows."

Bhagavad Gita."The wise man that sees has no needs for the scriptrures.

Also,Jesus says, he has come to help blind,not those who have no need of a physician.</spn>

Light and Dark

Good and evil.Jesus states that none is good except god in the New Testament.Genesis introduces the idea of good and evil, that it takes the entire evolution to master or gain this knowledge.It could also be said that none can be evil except god.It is said that the wages of sin are death but of good are eternal life, but as just mentioned, neither may be attainable.
If you look at the teachings contained in the story of Cain and Abel, it suggests that evil is forbidden in respect of delivering death in this instance.It is taboo, outlawed as are other instances of evil.Good is also warned against in that it may often result in you finding your reward in heaven i.e. good is also a path to death.A dark truth is death and supposedly a light truth is life.It is believed by religion that death leads to life.

But the nature knowledge deliverered by genesis is that God has intervened with man and is quickening its evolution.It is not saying that good and evil should cease, it is saying we do not have the capability or knowledge thereof,and is teaching us to become like the gods, who do have this knowledge.In this instance it is saying we have not got the ability to kill.This is the reason we should not kill.ET has removed or redirected these genes from us.Likewise we also have not not got the ability to be good.Therefore saying we should forgive.
This would explain why drug use and abuse is such a problem.We do not have the capability to use them.Maybe they are not meant for human consumption,or maybe we are not ready to use them at this stage in our knowledge.Meant for the gods?
Further to the knowledge of light and dark , it is much said that one is a lie and the other not.i.e. evil and good.But supernature, or god, exists whether or not it can be seen or believed.The occult forces are said to be dark forces, evil and dangerous and not good, whereas the light forces are said to be of god, good and beneficial.But they are the same force.The occult or dark forces refers to the same nature, but where it is not visible, as opposed to the forces of light that are visible.Ultimatel the two forces are the same force.

The Moon

There are two paths.The path of light and the path of dark.
the Moon is an audacious and flagrant deception and cover up of what is really there.Its light is magnificent like a fluorescent Jewel. but it serves no purpose.It doesn't shine a light on anything significant or revealing .It doesn't tell us anything.It pervades our consciousness as being the dominant heavenly and celestial being.But it is not.It,s brilliant light serves to stop us looking further into the beyond.It influences us to look no further than our local earthly neighbourhood.It even blots out the significance of starlight, and is telling us to look no further.It doesn't do this with dark, but with light.The sort of brilliant light we would get from a powered up fluorescent electric spotlight.Our subconscious excepts this replacement for the sun without questioning,and happily deny the possibility of miracles in the beyond.In the day time we can see nothing either as the sun s light reflects the lower atmosphere and blue sky of our local environment."Day is night and night is day to the sage that sees".

But one day examine more closely from dusk till dawn, as the sun sets and the stars take their position in the sky.As the sun sets and and a a new vision arises, a world beyond the sun a sky teeming with stars and life,is over the horizon of the setting sun, the real daytime is beginning and the cosmic universe springs into life.This is the Light.Pervading the whole Universe.It is showing you what is really there.It is not covering up or deceiving you.Reality staring you in the face, openning the door into Infinity and Eternity,from this dimension into the next,into the beyond, the other world.Your locality from this perspective has expanded to become the Milky Way and more,contacting at light speed and at the speed of thought.The conciousness expands limitlessly instead of shrinking ino the moons shallow grave.
Into the light .This is the path of no return,they say.
The moon is seen to be a terrific deception , in the light of what is really out there.

It is said that the moon is an artificial satellite,hollowed out within, and containing ET technology.It is said to have been put there by ET, and a previous moon removed.It is supposed to be, amongst other things a soul catcher, for lost and wandering souls.
It may be serving an evolutionary purpose.It could be that the path of dark has been artificially created.The truth of dark and light cannot be denied.Dark requires its dwelling place to be hidden,the other requires it not to be.Both these powerful truths are in the beyond, the other world, beyond the door of life and death.

Official Secrets Act

There is a "D" notice on knowledge from the otherside in spite of the freedom of information.If you go through these doors make sure you can get back again.A psychopathic disorder can collect a few weeks in a lunatic asylum.

It seems they are reluctant to let people access the proper version of their religion.That also means the proper Bible information as well.The Gnostic Scriptures and The Dead Sea Scrolls are a time bomb if released in full to the public.The Dead Sea Scrolls are under armed guard in Jeruselam at the moment.Other ancient scriptures have also been unearthed.That are said to be even more secret.People connected to these have been assiasinated.Access to some of this literature is available on YouTube etc.
It has become apparant that technology,science as well as texts have been unearthed ,left to us by past civilizations and that much of this has been held secret by world governments for a very long time.Maybe hundreds of years.It seems that science and religions,such as the Bible have been falsified to keep us in the dark all this time.As well as our true history.
I do not say that this is a total conspiracy however, because knowledge has always been freely available to the seeker with open eyes.No one is prevented from looking at nature and the night sky.Space craft and vehicles, ufo activity and ET have always been there.They use our airspace and planet without coverup for anyone to see.In fact I think they welcolm contact.

There Is No God.

Religion is nature knowledge.There are gods, meaning masters of nature,(evolution),but not God.
The technique of mastering space and time enables the creature to move outside the confines and limitations of its ecosystem (planet) and move freely in space (other planets/stars).Religions are systems of yoga which teach beings to hop from one planet/star to another.They teach us how to "spring" ourselves from the "prison" of our nature.This is an introduction to the idea of connecting to(our)supernature.The science of innerspace cuts out the middleman of outer space by nature.Wormholes? It is necessary to train the mind and body to perform this natural abillity to move around the universe.This is evolution.
We are lead to believe that humans are more highly evolved than other creatures/beings.This is not true.There have been and still are, other species on earth who are more highly evolved than humans.Some have even achieved technologies such as space vehicles.Technology can be accessed by discovering the mathematical formulas for space and time and applying the physical science to build technology of the next dimension.The human species differs in its evolution to species that evolve naturally,who know that there is no God.We have been interferred with and are controlled by an ET species towards our evolution.(Mankind is still far from the endpoint of his evolution).The idea of God and gods has been introduced,(religion).In nature there is no such thing as God.Look at other animals such as a cat or dog, or cow or tree, plant? Would they have this belief and go to church every sunday? ET and ufo are so mind blowing and advanced, that there are no words to describe the experience when they encountered in nature.Hence the word god is used.(gods).
You do not necessarily need vehicles to travel long distances in space.The ability is built into(our)nature already.

Fear Is The Door.

This is the door that causes all the problems for Man.It has done so for thousands of years.This is the door thatjesustried to deal with, when (if),he came to earth.man cannot live with it.It is the reason for the police,the military the NHS,religion and more.It is a monster out of control.
Fear of Death.
It is not natural.It is a human construct.
To ensure that death does not occur,man has created laws against life itself and exterminated most of the living creatures on earth.It is now in the finishing stagesof building a starwars Defensive System which employs a logic that says if we are all subject to a government death pact and agree to a suicide, we will avoid deathin event of attack by an enemy, but only dueto that fact that we are already dead, which the self same enemy also has to sign onto as well! Americas solution to the fear ofdeath is to kill everybody!